Accessibility Guide


Getting to Malvern Hills Lodge……

Malvern Hills Lodge is situated just off Birts Street which is a country lane in the village of Birtsmorton.

As you drive in through our farm gate, you will be in our farmyard.  So be prepared for farm machinery to be moving around. So please maintain a 5mph speed limit. Lois or Richard will meet you here and direct you to the lodge.

You will drive straight through the farmyard, past the cattle sheds and into the field, following the stone track up the steep hill where the car park for the lodge is. The car park is on level ground. There is a 90 yard walk along an uneven gravel path to get to the lodge, the access to the path is through a wooden pedestrian gate. There will be a 4 wheeled trolley and either Richard or Lois on hand to assist with luggage to the lodge.

We recommend you wear comfortable outdoor flat shoes suitable for walking on uneven surfaces especially if the weather is bad.

In the summer months, the pasture either side of the gravel path is rotationally grazed by the farm livestock. When this occurs a electric fence will be in place, to keep the animals off the path.

When you enter through the gate into the grounds of the lodge, the gravel path transitions into 6 wide wooden steps descending down to the level where the hot tub is located. There is a wooden handrail for this section.

From here the ground is paved with Indian hard stone. The hot tub has a non slip mat approaching it and 2 steps up to aid getting into the tub. Each of these steps has a non slip mat. In freezing weather, water splash’s from the hot tub can quickly freeze on the paving, creating a slippery surface.

From the hot tub level, there are a further 5 stone paved steps, down to the main level where the lodge is positioned. There is no hand rail for this section of steps.

The main patio is all on one level. There is a 1 metre width of decking which surrounds the edge of the lodge walls, which opens out to a larger area of the elevated viewing deck. This can become  slippery in inclement weather.

We suggest you bring suitable footwear for your trip to and from the hot tub to prevent slipping.

The lodge is accessed by either the main glazed front door (90cm wide) or the bedroom door. There is a single step up into the lodge for both of these doors.

A rubber non slip matt is located outside each of the doors and indoor non slip mats are located on the inside of each door threshold.

Once you are inside – you are all on one level, without any steps.

There is a separate door off of the living area to take you into the shower room, there is a small step up into the shower tray.

Adjacent to the shower room door, there is a 90cm door that leads into the main bedroom.

When the room is set up as a super king bed – there is approximately 1metre of clearance around all sides of the bed.

We do all we can to enhance and nurture the environment around the lodge and hope that our guests are able to join us in doing the same.